Assessor Training Courses

The Unit Standard
Title: Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment
ID: 115753 (ASSMT01)
NQF level: 5
Credits: 15

What do assessors do?

  • 1. Assessors examine to see to what extent an individual has mastered a given field of learning.
  • 2. Assessors evaluate or test a candidate’s performance and knowledge against pre set documents (called unit standards) and then make a finding.

Assessors may award (certify/certificate) candidates with unit standards or qualifications that have been achieved.

Assessors help map out plans which would lead candidates to be able to achieve competence.

Is there work for assessors?

Employers hiring a training person will ask:  “Are you an assessor?”

Employers who train people depend on assessors to verify if learning milestones have been achieved or not. Assessors can be freelanced.

If you train people, you can take the next step and assess them against unit standards and qualifications.

Why train with us?

Our delegates respond positively to our adult learning methods. We have found ways to make the learning easy, memorable yet thorough. This is what learners say after the course: “Practical, fun, stimulating, understandable, opened a whole new world to me”

Can I assess anybody on anything?

No. You need to be knowledgeable about the area you are assessing others in. Assessors mostly are able to assess widely across various disciplines, but they would have mastered those fields for themselves first.

What if an assessor judges wrongly?

This could happen, but there are safeguards.  For all subjects, there are ideal answers (model answers) and assessors use these as benchmarks for making decisions.

Assessors also have their work examined by moderators who ensure assessments are sound.

Learners also have the right to appeal negative a result and the assessor will be assisted by other assessors or moderators to ensure a fair decision.




Assessor Course Outcomes


  • Demonstrate an understanding of outcomes-based assessment
  • Plan and prepare for assessment
  • Prepare candidates for assessment
  • Conduct assessment and document evidence
  • Evaluate evidence and make assessment judgments
  • Provide feedback to relevant parties.
  • Review assessment

Learners are prepared thoroughly to be competent in all Embedded Knowledge and Critical Cross Field Outcomes

About the Assessor Training Courses

Execoach enjoys making learning fun and accessible to all learners. Learners can expect an interactive experience that is captivating and relevant Complicated jargon and acronyms are cleared up so that nobody has to endure feeling “out of the picture” The facilitator aims to help 100% of delegates receive their qualification Learners will be required to complete a Portfolio of Evidence to demonstrate competency as an assessor. The Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) has been made simple and easy to complete.

Previously, South Africans experienced much frustration when completing their Portfolio’s of Evidence. In the past this has proven to be a tedious, protracted and cumbersome process, clouded with confusion.. Execoach has revolutionised this previously daunting part of the course, with the new PoE Start-to-Finish kit.

Now, every learner receives simple and clear aids to assist in the compiling of their PoE with ease and efficiency.


Training 2.5 days
+ 3 Months from completion to submit PoE

What you can do with this skill?


  • As an assessor, you can: Register and start assessing learners for Unit Standards and Qualifications in your area of expertise.
  • Work on your own, or for a company providing assessment services. There are many people in South Africa who need to be assessed, and many areas where there are very few, or no assessors.
  • If you provide training, you will be able to assess your learners, and provide them a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Qualify Staff for skills and knowledge acquired, or provide Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
  • Study further – and become a Moderator of assessments.
  • Earn credits towards a degree in Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practice.

“Julle, ek het 2 kursusse gedoen by hulle en hulle is briljant. “ Trudie Erasmus
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Train now to become an assessor in this new, brilliant, and enlightening workshop.



The SkyCoach way of learning enables you to start training as an assessor right now. Easy to use materials and a CD which talks you through the information makes it unnecessary to leave your busy life and attend a classroom full time.

What our learners say about SkyCoach

“I must compliment you on bringing this topic to life for me in this format as working remotely or outside a class/group environment can be a challenge. I am enjoying the material. I found it easy to work with the CD