SkyCoach – Assessor Training

To make it easy to achieve your Assessor qualification, Execoach will supply you with our well known S2F kit.

The S2F kit will make it easy for you to achieve all the requirements for your qualification with the minimum of time and confusion. We also supply you with a CD to better explain assessment using the same course structure as if you attended to workshop.

*The SkyCoach method is a friendly, interactive way of completing the learning from where you are.

With SkyCoach, we use the following facilities to interact with our learners as much as is needed:

  • Telephone coaching and feedback. (SMS us and we call  back free to SA landlines during office hours)
  • Easy to use materials which ensure you are never lost or confused.
  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Skype Audio/Video Calling
  • Whatsapp

How to get started?

  1. Submit booking form
  2. Receive your training material immediately via email
  3. Begin!
  4. Speak to one of the standby Assessors anytime you want
  5. Submit POE
  6. Get your certificate