Dealing with Sexual Harassment in a new and revolutionary way.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment in a new and revolutionary way.


  • The Carer way of dealing with Sexual Harassment.
Dealing with sexual Harassment in a new and revelutionary way

What is a Carer?

  • A Carer is anyone in the workplace who has received Carer training on curbing Sexual Harassment.
  • Carers have no confusion about what Sexual Harassment is. They are aware of the many forms it takes. They can answer a range of questions about Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault.
  • Carers will never be bystanders to Sexual Harass ment . They can apply a range of skills to intervene.
  • Carers care about victims of Sexual Harassment. They easily ask a victim:”Are you ok? How can I assist you? “
  • Carers also care enough about Sexual Harassment to address offenders. They are not afraid to say to an offender: “Are you aware that what you said/did is listed as Sexual Harassment/or Assault? And has consequences? “
  • Carers can answer questions about Sexual Harassment and the Law. They can follow three levels of reporting processes with confidence
  • Carers can explain how to collectively curb Sexual Harassment in a workplace.
  • Carers can explain what an employer’s responsibilities are.

Reactions from our November 2022 learners

Some more reactions:

• Exciting, Impactful! Sensitive, Participative, Fun!
• Finally, what we need!
• New!
• Loved the facilitator.
• Loved learning how to resist a sexual harasser!
• Loved the practice exercises!
• Loved learning how to prevent, intervene, report!
• Was not aware of the many items which are harassment!
• This will create a turnaround!
• I feel empowered!

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