Ethics Training

Ethics in the Workplace

 Accredited Ethics training workshops are conducted throughout South Africa. The workshops are impactful, pertinent and fun. The one day workshops run from 09H00 – 14H30.

Is the Ethics training workshop accredited?
Yes see below
Unit standard ID: 242857
Unit standard title: Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the ethical standards in the Public Sector.
NQF Level: 4 Credits: 4

Why do ethics training?

Most people, at one time or another can benefit from a well lead discussion about ethics. Typical thought patterns are highlighted and challenged; scenarios are presented and ethical dilemmas stand out unexpectedly.  People walk away with clarity about ethics and are able to assess themselves and their work environments for ethical consistency.

A comment:  “I wish I had specific input like this early in my working life.  I would have avoided some ethical slip ups which have caused me shame and which have limited my career.”   (Ethics learner)

Who should attend?

Everyone in the workplace

Course Venues

  • Cape Town – Greens Lodge Parow –map | Contact
  • Johannesburg – Accolades Boutique Venue & Luxury Accommodation Midrand – map | Contact
  • In-house workshop at your own venue

Typical workshop questions:  When making a decision, does one go for:

  • The best result that could be achieved?
  • The most convenient line of action?
  • Something that will do the most good?
  • Something that will do the least harm?
  • Or is there a completely different approach?

Delegates walking away from the workshop are equipped with a special tool to make the right choice, always.

Can we send you some personalised details and prices?

Business ethics training:

Businesses that focus on ethics find themselves working in environments where they enjoy valuable  and long-term relationships.

Ethical thinking displaces short-term, hasty, and even questionable decisions that might lead later to embarrassment and shame.

Businesses that invest in ethics training are likely reduce their risks, including legal and compliance risks.

The ethics training workshop equips participants with the knowledge and mental strategies required to make better, more ethical decisions, ultimately contributing to better corporate governance and corporate responsibility.

Items covered in the workshop:

  1. Ethics, does it really pay?
  2. An “ethical choice” – how would one actually measure that?
  3. Nine  ethical myths everybody needs to recognize
  4. Legal vs ethical – how do we choose what is right?
  5. Preparation that helps you deal with conflicting perspectives on delicate ethical matters
  6. Ethics “acid test” – how do you label something as “unethical” before you think about it any further?
  7. Using the PLUS-filter to guarantee more ethical decisions
  8. Processes and structures that facilitate a more ethical business environment
  9. Ethics as a bridge between business and society


Workshop facilitator





Presenter:Jonathan Jensen (MBA, B.A. Hons Psychology

While studying his honours degree Jonathan focused on communication, sociology and organisational behaviour.  He works with companies in his capacity as coach, trainer, project leader and manager. He complimented his management experience with a Masters degree in business administration. (MBA) Jonathan’s presentations are well researched and are backed by the most up-to-date trends and practices.

Those attending  his workshops find him thought provoking, easy to understand,  motivational and fun. Clients invariably  ask Jonathan: What else do you present? Can you come back?

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