Moderator Training Course

Here are details about the accredited Moderator Training Course offered throughout South Africa.

Unit Standard: 115759 – Conduct Moderation of Outcomes Based assessment

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Execoach Facilitators are super patient and use a soft and delicate touch to teach and make the learning fun and easy to understand for everyone.

Ways to complete the course:


  • Attend a class and network with other like-minded people.

The Process of Qualifying as an Moderator:

  • Book yourself onto a course
  • Be there!
  • Complete all steps practiced on course
  • Walk away with your certificate of attendance
  • Submit your completed work
  • If anything is outstanding, remedial details will be pointed out to you.
  • Get your accredited Moderator Certificate
  • Register and start moderating

Q: How long will this process take?

A: Between one to three months

What our learners say about the Moderator course:

Learner Comments & Testimonials

Some items the course covers:

  • Answering 20 key questions every moderator should know
  • Examining the big picture of moderation
  • How moderators check the work of assessors
  • How moderators ensure Learner’s Rights were afforded
  • How moderators ensure assessments are manageable
  • How moderators apply policies and procedures
  • Examining portfolios from a moderator’s perspective
  • How moderators work with RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
  • How moderators leave their footprint
  • How moderators interact with SETAs
  • Etc…

Q: Is there work for Moderators?

A: Yes, wherever assessments take place, moderation forms part of the process.

 See Link for Moderator work

Any employer hiring a training person will value him or her more highly when they can produce a Moderator’s Certificate

Course Venues

  • Cape Town – Greens Lodge Parow –map | Contact
  • Johannesburg – Accolades Boutique Venue & Luxury Accommodation Midrand – map | Contact


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