Our Team


Execoach has served clients in two specialised niches in the last 20 years.

As accredited Seta providers, we have mastered the art of providing National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and other specialist services to trainers, training departments, facilitators, lecturers, teachers and course developers in private practice, businesses, corporates, schools, colleges and NGO’s throughout South Africa.

Our Team

Charity Ani

Charity is a fresh face at Executive Coaching and Facilitation experienced in training other trainers.

Charity has an excellent understanding of the SETA landscape with the excellent ability to make other people understand. People enjoy her personable, well prepared nature and dedication to any session she presents.

Ashwin Oliver

Learner and Office Support

Ashwin is an industrial psychology graduate. Learners enjoy his relatable and simple way of communicating. He will ensure that you reach competency and make the process seem smooth and simple.

Madelaine Snoer

Madelaine has a unique gift of enabling people to be their best selves.

Madelaine is renowned as a mentor, trainer of mentors, and an implementer of a mentoring culture within an organisation. People who have worked with Madelaine remember the positive, lifelong influence she had on them and on their organisation.

Craig Cedras


Office Manager & Partner

Craig is a qualified OD-ETDP Training Practitioner . He can answer all your questions and advise you on, training, assessment and moderation, qualifications, Seta’s and registrations, in plain language.

People enjoy his patient and detailed way of working through all their uncertainties and questions.

Call Craig on: 021 595 1700 or cell 062 570 5583

Brian Jensen

People love attending courses at Execoach where Brian is the principal.

Brian ensures that all Execoach courses are superbly presented and that learning subjects are de-mystified and made easy to understand. Call Brian if you would like to talk about your career in training.

Call Brian on: 021 595 1700 or cell 082 716 6440

Marshelino Rossouw


Marshelino has one key focus: Printing and mailing your certificate.

Marshelino also prints the Execoach learning materials and keeps them updated.