Course Writing Training

Aligned to NQF Unit Standards

The Unit Standard
Title: Develop Outcomes Based Learning Programmes
ID: 123394
NQF level: 5
Credits: 12





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Course Venues

  • Cape Town – Greens Lodge Parow –map | Contact
  • Johannesburg – Accolades Boutique Venue & Luxury Accommodation Midrand – map | Contact

How to Write Engaging, Outcomes Based Learning Materials

At Execoach, we firmly believe that learning materials for any subject under the sun can be made alive and relevant. Scientific sequencing of chapters and modules, designing engaging practice events and employing creative ways of turning seemingly dull information into something fascinating is the arena in which we work, helping course writers everywhere to become crafters of outstanding and memorable learning.

Unit standards have brought in a wide new dimension to learning materials used in South Africa and are a comprehensive source of direction for today’s course writer.

We will show you the essential procedures needed to design and develop learning materials for SETA/ETQA Programme approval / accreditation.

The training course, “How to write Engaging, Outcomes Based Learning Materials”, has been an empowering tool for course writers all over.

Should you wish to join a group of course writers and learn the skills in a workshop, or prefer to work closely with a coach as you craft your materials chapter by chapter, you will certainly find one of our flexible options will work for you, regardless of the subject matter of your course.

So, for mastering the art of course writing, and securing chapter by chapter coaching and feedback support with your course writing project, or, help with layout and design, evaluation and assessment against the unit standard: “Develop Outcomes Based Learning Programmes”, contact us now.

Even if you just wish to ask questions about course content and methodology, call, as you need!

Contents of Course Writing Training:


  • Writing for Easy reading
  • Writing to unit standards
  • Performance Analysis to ensure the course will change performance
  • Goal Analysis, to establish the skills and knowledge candidates will master
  • Essential Research prior to writing
  • Analysing a target population to pitch course materials appropriately
  • Preparing instructional objectives to ensure upgraded performances emerge
  • Performance: How to achieve it
  • Condition: How to be fair and reasonable and create appropriate contexts, ranges and parameters
  • Criterions: How to create appropriate testing events
  • Skills Hierarchy: How to sequence materials correctly.
  • Testing and assessment
  • How to select the correct content
  • How to select the most suitable delivery system
  • Tryout
  • Implementation
  • Incorporating creativity to make the learning memorable and varied (Games, Simulations, discovery activities, creating easy ways to grasp and remember difficult concepts)
  • Building in Assessments for outcomes demanded by Unit standards


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