Negotiation Training

Successful Negotiating in Business:

A negotiation is any communication in which you are attempting to achieve the approval, acquiescence, or action of someone else. The inability to negotiate skillfully and assertively can cost a department thousands of rands and risk or spoil good relationships. These are powerful reasons to master these essential breakthrough negotiation skills:

Special strategies that delegates will master after taking the Negotiation Training Course:

    • Preparing to go into a negotiating situation
    • Equipping yourself with the power elements needed to negotiate skillfully
    • Recognising and adopting behaviors which lead to quality negotiations
    • Establishing win-win intent and guidelines during initial discussions
    • Identifying a counterpart’s negotiation style and responding appropriately
    • Managing the negotiating process by using superior listening skills
    • Identifying obstacles to good listening during negotiations
    • Taking on the specific roles required when negotiating as a team
    • Formulating conditional proposals
    • Responding conditionally to proposals
    • Identifying and interpreting signals
    • Building and bargaining win-win agreements
    • Working out interests to progress out of deadlocked or stuck positions
    • Optimising transactions that appear to be governed by price lists
    • Closing and formalising agreements


Duration: Two days

This Negotiation Training Course has been known to pay back its initial investment in the first negotiation entered into after the course.




Dear Brian,


On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors of NARCO, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for imparting negotiation skills to us all. The sessions were interactive and very interesting. This has expanded our knowledge and capacity to tackle negotiations in a win-win manner. We thank you once more. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with your company in future.

Yours Sincerely

Dr John Mbogoma
General Manager