Executive Coaching Companies/Courses in South Africa

About Us

Company Profile

The company is owned and staffed by dedicated facilitators who make it easy for people who wish to develop knowledge and skills in any area. Individuals we work with regularly advance rapidly, both personally and professionally.

Accreditation & Professional Affiliations

We are accredited providers of training courses and materials and services with the following training authorities in South Africa. (Seta’s):

  • Accredited as a service provider for education, training and development practitioners
  • Registered as a provider of training services
  • Accredited as a Service Provider to the insurance industry
  • A professional body of coaches and mentors of South Africa

Our Mission

Our life’s mission is to demystify any area of knowledge and to make new skills easy to learn and master. In this way, we prepare people to do meaningful work that is valuable to themselves and the companies they represent.

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