Terms & Conditions for booking your course

Please read the below terms and conditions carefully, these conditions apply to booking a course with Execoach.

  1. If you cancel this booking seven or less days before the course starts, you will still need to pay your full course fee because Execoach would have incurred non refundable upfront costs to run the course.
  2. Cancellation can be made telephonically and confirmed in writing or just in writing. 
  3. Execoach will assist you in finding a future course date but you will still need to pay your full course fee if you cancel your booking less than seven days before your course starts because Execoach world have incurred non refundable upfront costs to run the course. 
  4. Should you send fewer candidates than the number booked for you will need to pay for the number booked for originally.
  5. Payment for this course is required at the latest three working days before the course commences. 
  6. Kindly fax or e-mail your proof of payment. If a proof of payment is not received within three working days before the course starts it will be construed as a cancellation of your booking and the first clause will apply.
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