Qualifying as an Assessor

Accredited Assessor Training on Zoom, or in a class.     

Why train as an Assessor?

Assessors do important work. They test people. When all conditions are in place, Assessors can award accredited certificates.


We are happy to answer your questions about becoming an Assessor.  


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I was motivated to earn some extra cash! Qualifying was easy. Short video clips that teach you everything. Clear instructions to follow. Nothing stands in your way!

Why train with Execoach?

If you have a dream to be in training, or are in training, you may find our advice, support, and current information helpful. With 22 years of training behind us, we are still just as passionate about every new trainer we interact with.  We would also love to work with you and ensure you achieve all the training milestones you have in mind.

Our courses are written and presented in plain English and are easy to complete.  Zoom sessions are fun and they make the process of qualifying straightforward.

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Why you need an Assessor certificate:

Employers who contract people for training ask:

Are you a qualified Assessor?

If your answer is no, your application may slip down the ranking.

Q: Is there work for assessors?

A: Yes, in all industries!
Banking, beauty, security, IT, health and safety, hospitality, manufacturing, mining, retail, NGO’s, agriculture, insurance, call centres, transport, construction, finance, local government, etc…


The link below may assist you in your job search.


When is the next Assessor course?

Your starting time depends on you! Kindly send your enquiry and get up to the minute information. You, and your preferred time are key!

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Assessor training

Execoach Facilitators use a soft and delicate touch to teach Assessors and make the learning fun and a joy for everyone.

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Is this Assessor course accredited?

Yes, see below

Unit standard ID: 115753

Unit standard title: Conduct outcomes-based assessment

NQF Level: 5  (equal to college level)

Credits: 15

How to complete the course:

  • Work in your space and join personalised Zoom sessions

The Process of Qualifying as an Assessor:

  1. Book yourself onto a course
  2. Follow all the listed steps
  3. Submit your completed work by email  ( No courier, no postage needed)
  4. If anything is outstanding, remedial details will be pointed out to you.
  5. Walk away with your certificate of attendance
  6. Get your accredited Assessor Certificate
  7. Register and start assessing
I enjoyed the whole course, all at home! I just followed each step as instructed and next thing I was done. Anyone can do it. I now have opportunities for extra earnings.

What the course covers:

  • Jargon busting in the world of the NQF (fun and easy)
  • Examining a unit standard and all its components (see unit standards from your own field of work)
  • Mastering the key principles that guide all assessments (five key ones which are easy to remember)
  • Preparing yourself and a candidate for assessment (helps deal with the nerves!)
  • Evidence and approaches to gathering evidence
  • Designing Assessment tools to gather evidence
  • Gathering, recording, and documenting evidence
  • Judging evidence and deciding yes or no
  • Following the appeal procedure (when a learner disagrees with a finding)
  • Giving feedback to those you assess


Q: How long will this process take?

A: Between one to three months


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