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Instructional Designer (An Accredited Course)

E Learning Authors, and

Instructional Designers

E-Learning authors and Instructional designers can find themselves overwhelmed by volumes of information. An overload can lead to uncertainty as what to focus on. With instructional design skills you can create relevant, performance-enhancing materials in a fraction of the time.  The materials will be fun and build essential skills which delight learners and bosses alike. Enjoy using proven principles which make the learning stick.

Why do this course?

Secure a nationally accredited certificate as a qualified Instructional Designer ( NQF Level 5)

Enable learners to practice and perform key workplace skills

Convert information into shorter, sharper and relevant, performance-building interactions

Sequence material scientifically as to what should come first, second and so on…

Design relevant practice moments

Design feedback mechanisms to inform learners as to how they are doing

Create suitable tests and assessments

Satisfy the demands of unit standards when required

Create “I want more!” programmes which clients and learners love.



Hi Brian,

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to attend your training this week.

It was very transformational with lots of aha moments.

I feel so relieved to not only have a quick easy formula to carry on with.

The course is awesome!

Groete 🙂


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Hello Brian,

I must say that I am eternally grateful for the skills and techniques learnt in your training.

The work that you do is excellent, and I wish you all of the best with everything still to cross your path.

I certainly hope that our paths cross again in the near future.

Be blessed.

Kind regards, Jamie-Lee



Good morning Brian

I hope you are doing well!

As you can see in my email signature below, I have recently been promoted.  You were correct in saying that people who attend the Instructional Design course predictably move forward.  It is the honest truth! I’m so excited for this new venture in my life and I would once again like to thank you for guiding me through the course. It is one of the best, if not THE best, course I have ever attended.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Kind regards



SAQA Unit Standard ID Number: 123394

Unit Standard Title: Design Outcomes Based Learning Programmes

Course title: How to write Engaging Outcomes Based Learning Materials

NQF Level 5: 12 Credits

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