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Moderator Training Course

Accredited Moderator Training on Zoom, or in a class.    

Why train as a Moderator?

As a Moderator, you will work with Assessors. They will ask you: “Have I made the right decision about a learner?  Are these marks in line with your findings?” Your advice will be key as it will lead to a learner’s certification or not.You will also ensure training organisations are compliant.When training organisations are compliant, they can fill their classes.  Why? Their learners can look forward to accredited certificates and qualifications.A training organisation cannot meet requirements without a moderator.At Execoach we are happy to answer your questions about being a Moderator.

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"As an assessor, I decided to improve my qualifications. I had my eyes set on work offered only to moderators."



Why qualify with Execoach?

If you have a dream to be in training, or are in training, you may find our advice, support, and current information helpful.

For 22 years, we have been passionate about our learners. We would also love to work with you till you arrive where you want to be.   

Our courses are written and presented in plain English and are easy to complete on Zoom. The process of qualifying is straightforward.

Q: Is there work for Moderators?

A: Yes, wherever training and assessments happen, moderators are needed.

(Banking, beauty, security, IT, health and safety, hospitality, manufacturing, mining, retail, NGO’s, agriculture, insurance, call centres, transport, construction, finance, local government, etc all need moderators!)

Speak to Execoach about how you can freelance as a moderator.  062 570 5583 / 082 7166 440

Also, see the link below:

Moderator training

Execoach Facilitators use a soft and delicate touch to ensure you find the learning fun and a joy.  

Is course accredited?

Yes, see below

Unit standard ID: 115759

Unit standard title: Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments 

NQF Level: 6   Credits: 10

Studying for moderator could not have been easier. Audio clips tell you what to do on each page!

What the Moderator course covers:

  • Answering 20 key questions every moderator should know
  • Examining the big picture of moderation
  • How moderators
    • check the work of assessors
    • ensure Learner’s Rights were afforded
    • ensure assessments are manageable
    • apply policies and procedures
    • work with RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
    • leave their footprint in the  work items they examined
    • interact with SETAs
    • examine portfolios, etc.


What our Moderator learners say:

“Empowering, Excellent, Exciting, Quality”

“Loved the entire course.”

(Moderator Learners Feb 2020: All learners rated each of 10 feedback categories at 100%)



Q: How long will this process take?

A: Between one to three months


Although it does not feel like it, it is on a level six which is about varsity level. Employers love this certificate.
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